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[this is good] I'm totally making these for Nora's birthday, in addition to the regular cake. I was going to make whipped cream cake cupcakes but I heard that it doesn't convert well to cupcakes.The irony is...I needed a light -colored but yummy cake to use with the Princess Cupcake Liners my dad sent from William-Sonoma. (non-Disney, though.)Question - Stick with the lemon cream cheese frosting (which sounds heavenly...) or go with strawberry buttercream, which has the mere advantage of pinkness?

Girly Mae

Well I'm not a big buttercream lover so I would definitely say stick with the cream cheese frosting.  Maybe you could make it strawberry cream cheese frosting, if you want pink?  Or just add red food coloring and call it pink lemonade frosting!

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