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thanks for the update! I was thinking about making this again.. I'll be sure to use the New and Improved version.

bold as love

i love mac and cheese, so i'll have to try this recipe!


Oooh, a kid friendly butternut squash dish!  Sounds good!  Thanks!


What is this "discard the seeds" nonsense? Saute them on low-med heat with butter (and salt, and whatever) until they "pop!" Fresh squash seeds are the best!

We grew butternut squash in our small yard last summer. The leaves spread EVERYWHERE, but the plant itself takes up very little room. We didn't take them off the vine until they were ripe, and they were the most beautiful, tasty squash I've had. Bright orange inside. If you have have a garden, you must plant these.


Thanks for sharing your recipe. I'll surely try to make this one.

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Girly Mae

I hope you like it Pearl!  It can be challenging to find a butternut squash at this time of year, but I've heard people also have had success using the cubed, frozen squash you can sometimes find in the frozen veggie section at Trader Joe's or other grocery stores.


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