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[זה מעולה] Shalom, as a fellow carrot and bologna sandwich lover, I am so pleased to know that there are others like me out there.  I used to really have a problem because of this delicious meal.  It began to control my life.  I would wake in the morning, and the first thing that I would do was to make this sandwich.  I often arrived at work late, and was told by close friends that I was not acting like myself.  People became very concerned about my change in behavior.  I was going on a pack a day. (of bologna, which comes in packs of 20)  I am so glad, Robin, that you have posted this guest blog, please let him know that I know people who can help.  If he does not have the same obsession that I did, tell him, "God Bless"  if he does have a problem, and you notice that he acts strange, and sometimes out of touch, let him know that I know people who can help

Girly Mae

Thanks for sharing your story, Ben.  I'm sure it will be great inspiration for all the bologna addicts out there.

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